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Kashmir Overseas Employment Service (KOES) is proud to announce that we have been approved as a sending organization for the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) in Japan (List of Authorized Sending Organizations in Pakistan – Kashmir Overseas is #62.) This prestigious status, granted by Japan’s Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT), allows us to facilitate candidates in completing TITP prerequisites to send them to Japan for on-the-job training and skills development in various industries for up to 5 years.

The TITP was established in 1993 by the Japanese government to promote international cooperation and transfer skills, technologies and knowledge from Japan to developing countries. It provides an excellent opportunity for Pakistani interns to gain valuable work experience in Japan, one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, while also learning about Japanese language, culture and work ethics.

As a TITP sending organization, KOES will work closely with Japanese supervising organizations and implementing companies to match Pakistani interns with appropriate training opportunities that meet both the interns’ career goals and the host companies’ needs. We are committed to ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for all stakeholders involved.

Benefits for Japanese Companies Partnering with KOES

By partnering with KOES to host technical interns from Pakistan, Japanese companies can:

  • Fill labor shortages, especially in industries like construction, agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, nursing and caregiving.
  • Gain access to a pool of skilled, hardworking, and motivated young workers who are eager to learn and contribute.
  • Promote cultural exchange and diversity in the workplace.
  • Receive comprehensive support from KOES in intern selection, pre-departure training, visa processing, and ongoing communication.
  • Contribute to the economic development and international relations between Japan and Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria for Pakistani Interns

To qualify as a technical intern under TITP, candidates must:

  • Be between 18 to 30 years old.
  • Have completed at least high school (12th grade) education.
  • Possess relevant work experience or vocational training in the desired job category.
  • Be able to communicate in basic Japanese, with preference given to those who have completed at least 160 hours of Japanese language study or passed the JLPT N5 level.
  • Be of good character and health

Specific requirements may vary depending on the job category and the Japanese host company. KOES will work with applicants to determine their eligibility and match them with suitable opportunities.

Training and Support Services

Students Learning Japanese

Students Learning Japanese

To prepare interns for success in Japan, KOES provides a range of training and support services, including:

Japanese Language Training

Our experienced instructors conduct intensive courses in spoken and written Japanese, covering essential skills for daily life and work, up to the JLPT N5/N4 level.

Technical Skills Assessment

KOES assesses candidates’ existing skills and experience in their chosen field. This may include practical tests, industry-specific terminology, and safety protocols.

Placement and Visa Processing

Once a successful match is made between an intern and a host company, KOES assists with the preparation and submission of all required documents for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and visa application. We liaise with the Japanese authorities and the supervising organization to ensure a smooth process.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Prior to leaving for Japan, interns attend a comprehensive orientation covering topics such as:

  • Employment contract and conditions.
  • Rights and responsibilities as a TITP intern.
  • Health insurance and medical care.
  • Accommodation and living arrangements.
  • Emergency contacts and support resources

This ensures that interns are well-prepared and informed about what to expect during their training period in Japan.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Throughout the internship period, KOES maintains regular communication with the interns, the Japanese supervising organization, and the implementing company to monitor the interns’ progress, address any issues that may arise, and provide guidance and support as needed. We are committed to the well-being and success of our interns from start to finish.

The Japanese Job Market

Japan is currently facing a severe labor shortage due to its rapidly aging population and low birth rate. The government has identified the TITP as a key initiative to bring in foreign workers to fill gaps in industries like construction, agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, nursing and caregiving.

Interns under the TITP can earn attractive wages while gaining valuable skills and experience that will enhance their career prospects back in Pakistan as well. Many TITP alumni go on to work in Japanese companies or start their own businesses utilizing their Japan-acquired expertise.

Furthermore, TITP interns who complete their 3-year training period have the opportunity to apply for an additional 2-year period as a Specified Skilled Worker (SSW), allowing them to continue working in Japan for up to 5 years in total. This provides even greater potential for skill development and career advancement.

How to Apply

If you are a Pakistani citizen interested in applying for the TITP through KOES, you’ll first need to enroll in our Japanese language classes, as spoken Japanese language proficiency is a pre-requisite. If you already have Japanese language credentials, then you don’t need to attend the course. You can just submit an online application. Our recruitment team will review your qualifications and contact you for further assessment and processing.

Japanese companies interested in hosting skilled and dedicated technical interns from Pakistan are invited to contact KOES at info@kashmiroverseas.com to discuss your labor needs and how we can match you with suitable candidates. We look forward to partnering with you for a mutually beneficial training experience.

For any other inquiries about the TITP or KOES’ sending organization services, please contact us and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.