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Kashmir Overseas Employment Services (K.O.E.S.)(O.E.P.L. No. 0725/RWP) has been providing human resources from Pakistan since 1976…

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We provide Highly Qualified and Highly Skilled Staff Workers to Semi and Unskilled Labor from Pakistan.

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Kashmir Overseas Employment Services (K.O.E.S.)(O.E.P.L. No. 0725/RWP) established since 1976 is exporting skilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower to its principal market in Middle East mainly Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar and Muscat. Since its creation K.O.E.S. has recruited more than 40,000 workers for prestigious principals and earned a lot of foreign exchange for Pakistan. Presently we are based in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


Kashmir Overseas Employment Services (K.O.E.S.)(O.E.P.L. No. 0725/RWP) established since 1976 is exporting skilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower to its principal market in Middle East mainly Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar and Muscat…


The contract is signed with the Principal and as soon as we receive demand order and Power of Attorney the processing starts…


Received Demand Letter > Computer Sorting of Enlisted Candidates > Advertise Demand -Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi…


Period of Contract: Minimum One Year
Probation Period: 90 (Ninty) days, or according to Labour Laws of host country…


1. Assistant Junior Engineer/Technicians with Diplomas only
2. Architects/Planners
3. Banking Specialists…


1 ABV Rock Saudi Arabia
2. AI-Habtoor Engineering Dubai, U.A.E.
3. Al Dseco General Contracting LLC Dubai, U.A.E…

Countries We Serve

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia












Following the occasional meeting held between our institution and M/S Kashmir overseas employment services Rawalpindi, who have contributed a lot in exporting high tech, skilled and semi skilled manpower to gulf countries especially to kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their meritorious services in Human Recourse Development and its utilization based upon the merit over the decades, we M/S AJK TEVTA poonch a Government sponsored / owned institution keeping into view the renowned status of M/s Kashmir Overseas Employment Services have signed an understanding to supply the manpower from our platform to cope with their demand of manpower for overseas.

Khan Abdul Musawar – Principal / District Coordinator, AJK TEVTA (Poonch-AJ&K)

We hereby certify that Kashmir Overseas Employment Service is supplying manpower to our projects since 1992 up-to date. Kashmir overseas employment services have supplied skilled, unskilled and professional workers from Pakistan. They have provided our requirements successfully until now. We wish them success.

Al Hamid S. Al-Eidi – Human Resource Manager, ABV Rock

The success and expansion that Kashmir Overseas Employment Services have achieved during all these years is commendable and great deal of that success, in our opinion, must be directly attributed to the strong leadership and the sense of direction provided by Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan.
We at Saudi Ericson sincerely hope and wish Kashmir Overseas Employment Services to continuously grow to the new heights. Keep it up.

Muhammad Yousaf – HR & Administration Manager, Saudi Erricson Communications Co. Ltd

Kashmir Overseas Employment Services provided our staff requirements successfully for the last 2 years. KOES is our only attested recruitment agency in Pakistan since 2013 supplying manpower to NKY – Architects & Engineers, satisfactory with no complaints. We sincerely hope Kashmir Overseas Employment Services to continuously grow and we continue our cooperation for manpower supply.

Tolga Sahin – Overseas Director, NKY Architects & Engineers

The performance of Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan proprietor of M/S Kashmir Overseas OEPL No. 0725 / Rwp, within the jurisdiction of Protective of Emigrants, Rawalpindi, is highly appreciated for doing commendable job in export of Manpower during the calendar year 1991-1992.

Muhammad Anwer Butt – Protector of Emigrants, Govt of Pakistan

Meetings with Foreign Emissaries

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