Interviewing is serious business. Just like a pilot needs a pre-flight checklist for a safe flight a pre-interview checklist is the tool you need to successfully conduct interviews.
Here are the boxes you need to tick before the interview process:

Research Candidates

  • Have you thoroughly researched every candidate that you call for an interview?
  • Have you carefully studied their resume, cover letter, and portfolio or work samples?
  • Have you visited their social media accounts (if possible) to get queues if they will be a good fit?

The Ideal Candidate

  • Have you defined the ideal candidate’s skills and characteristics you need?
  • Have you set guidelines regarding the candidate’s knowledge, educational background, and experience?
  • Have you personified the ideal candidate? You or the team-lead need to envision the real person who embodies all the skills and values you listed. You should try to understand his habits, goals, and preferences. You need to be in his shoes. This will help you justly define the position’s job description, role, duties, and requirements.

Formulating Your Pitch

  • Have you formulated your company’s pitch to present your employer’s brand compellingly?
  • Have you highlighted your company culture, interesting projects, and business ethics?
  • Have you prepared the information regarding your company’s strategy, mission, and structure?
  • Have you defined all the perks and benefits you offer for that position?

The Interview

  • Have you prepared all the interview questions to target the skills you’re looking for?
  • Have you distributed the questions to be asked among the interviewing team?
  • Have you reviewed the interview questions for legality?
  • Have you sorted the candidate’s resumes?
    Have you reviewed sufficient candidates before reaching out for interviews?
  • Have you set a deadline for the job applications? When the candidates start applying, you might want to reach out immediately to the ones that seem strong. It’s always good till the end of the deadline to start calling the candidates. Waiting till the deadline will let you get a better sense of who the strong candidates are and focus on them for interviews.
  • Have you prepared the room and materials?
  • Have you reserved the venue where you can conduct your interviews undisturbed?
  • Is the tea/coffee and any other refreshments to be served to the candidates ready before the candidate’s arrival?
    Have you printed out candidates’ resumes and your interview questions list?

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