Kashmir Overseas Employment Services have been in business since 1976. We have been providing manpower mostly to Middle Eastern Countries. During the course of building our services we have come to a better understanding of the hiring process. Here are 3 tips for better candidate screening that have been siphoned from experience:

1. Decisiveness:

Timely decisiveness is one of the key factors in our employment process. Best people get hired fast. Whenever we receive applications for a particular job, we open them once, consider all the pros/cons/necessities, make a decision, close the resume and move forward. We just have 3 decision categories:

a. Rejected, b. Maybe, c. Next Stage.

Candidates falling in the Maybe category undergo a more rigorous screening process than the next stage ones. We’ve seen companies pouring over candidates resumes over and over again before they take action. Hiring good talent is a cut throat competition. Good talent is always sparse and the more time you spend in decision making, the more chances are you lose it.

2. Corporate/Entrepreneurial Differentiation

A round peg can’t fit inside a square hole. That’s approximately the same difference in between a person having a corporate mindset or an entrepreneurial mindset. This is one of our checks during application sorting process.

3. Pre-Interview Maybe Candidates

Once we have a candidate in the Maybe category we employ phone screening and even video chat before we invite the candidate to interview. The same tactics can also be applied for corporate hires/out-of-town candidates in order to screen them and even to build a rapport, without giving them the hassle to commute.

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