Organizations are coming to realize in the post-Covid world that old management techniques are not working anymore. They are realizing that to cater to the new job environment they need to create successful and profitable flexibility initiatives which may include remote work, flexitime, compressed workweeks, and job sharing.

New Initiatives or the Old Routines?

But the question is do these initiatives improve productivity, engagement, and innovation? Also, do these initiatives ensure that people retain critical skills and relevancy in the face of remote work or flexitime? These questions are not easy to answer and depend upon each organization’s unique needs and requirements. That’s why instead of giving in to these ideas organizations must make their workers be able to do what they do best in a role, in a team environment.

How to Attain the Best Results?

It’s critical to match the correct person with the correct job and the correct culture to do what they do best. Employees achieve the best results when they are able to combine their talent (their inherent excellence), skills (what they can do), and knowledge (what they know). Basically, doing what one does best means matching the right individual to the right job and environment. Employees that do not fit their roles or work environments frequently struggle to succeed or become bored and restless. They may also feel that their lives weren’t worthwhile, in addition to their purpose. Employees want to have the chance to express their skills. Once they get it you don’t need the initiatives like remote work, flexitime, etc.

The Implementation

Human resource and performance management procedures must clarify that they value individual strengths and recruit and develop people based on their strengths in order to attract, recruit, and employ new employees. Organizations must then determine how they fulfill their unique value proposition to retain current employees by employing their strengths. They must design an approach to identifying the appropriate fit and integrating new employees into teams where their skills can be maximized. While challenging, it must be addressed, or top talent will not reach their full potential at the current corporation before switching to the next opportunity.

Better Work-Life Balance

Employees report that having a job that provides for better work-life balance and personal well-being is “very important” to them. As a result, in a Gallup Survey, 53% of employees assert that such a position is important to them.
It’s crucial to make workers realize how their company prioritizes work-life balance and well-being. Doing so is critical to achieving these objectives. Organizations should talk about the advantages they provide to assist employees to achieve a better balance between work and life and improve their health, but they also need to address the culture surrounding this issue.

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