When the Corona Virus pandemic hit, remote work became the norm for companies worldwide. That allowed them access to a larger talent pool, and as a result, the job seekers got more opportunities. Although the situation has calmed down a bit, many companies are still pursuing a hybrid model. So, how can you get an overseas job as a Pakistani in these testing times? Read ahead!

1- Figure Out the Countries You Want to Work For

It is crucial to do your research regarding the countries that require a talent such as yours. There are also some barriers to keep in mind. The language barrier is the most important. Ideally, you’d want to work for a country whose language you’re able to speak. In Arab countries mostly Arabic and English are spoken. Also there are Pakistanis already there to help you out. So it shouldn’t be a problem. In countries like USA, Great Britain etc. you’ll need to have a good grasp of English language.

2- Research About the Type of Jobs You Want

Make sure you know what kind of jobs or opportunities you can avail yourself of with your particular skill set. It is also good to have an idea about the industries or markets you want to work in. Such knowledge always comes in handy. For instance in UAE you can target IT, accountancy etc. provided you have experience in the relevant fields.

3- Tailor Your CV for Specific Jobs

Rather than sending one CV out for all positions, tailor your CV by emphasizing the skills and experiences relevant to a particular position. That will increase your chances of being selected. You can also send us your CV, your experience and the desired job. We will target your CV for the appropriate job opening.

4- Get Ready for Interviews via Zoom/Skype

Companies now conduct interviews via Zoom and Skype. So, be prepared for an online interview. Make sure to look presentable but, most importantly, be confident in your abilities.

5- Apply for The Jobs

Though there are various websites where you can apply for jobs. The best way is to get registered with Kashmir Overseas Employment Services. We’ll match you with the right opportunity when it comes along. Getting registered with us is a great way to find jobs especially during the pandemic when opportunities are relatively less.

Send us your recent CV at jobs@kashmiroverseas.com and we will match it up with the relevant job opening when it arrives.