When you hire a new employee you need to integrate him with your company and the culture, as well as with the way tools and technologies are used in your company. You can appreciate this process if you manage an aquarium. When you put a new fish in it, the new fish needs to get acclimatized to the new water, surroundings, feed, temperature, etc. If the new fish can’t handle that, it may even die. Though humans are much more resilient than fish, you get the point.

Onboarding is a strategic process and should not be limited to the first few days of hiring. For some companies, it even lasts for more than a year and we endorse it. It’s the first six months that 90% of the new hires decide whether to stay in the company or leave.

The key to retaining an employee is to make him an integral part of your company, just like a new fish becomes a part of your aquarium. Once it happens shifting her to a new aquarium, may kill her. It’s your job as the owner or the HR Manager to make it happen, and then employee retention is no longer your problem.

In this post, I’ll only describe the immediate steps you need to take to onboard a new employee.

1. Congratulate

Immediately after hiring, you should congratulate the recruit and show him/her how excited you are that he is now part of the team. Showing enthusiasm and genuine interest from the very beginning is key to having a highly engaged worker.

And highly engaged employees are the key to your business’s success.

2. Discovery

New hires should receive a welcome message/friendly note from the CEO or whoever is in charge. Job Description, Employee handbook (if you have one,) as well as other details about the job responsibilities and his department. An organizational Chart with the explanation of the critical stakeholders to whom he will be subordinate will also do. He may also be formally introduced to the teammates and managers to report to.

Also, don’t forget to formally inform your receptionist and the existing employees (informally) about the new hires. It can be just an email with only the basic information like his name, job title, department, and team.

3. Setup The Work Environment

The new hire’s desk, basic office tools, supplies, computer, etc should be set up before his arrival.

A new email account on the company’s domain should be set up for the new hire.

The needed software should be installed on his PC. His account should also be created in all the relevant software/portals.

4. Team Introduction

Introduce him to the rest of the team and people from whom he will need support when working.

5. Information Access

Make sure that you give your recruit access to any company information and resources he needs, to work efficiently. This may include login details to certain websites you use, reports, access to post projects, etc.

Encourage the new fire to ask questions and communicate any concerns he may have with you as soon as they come up. Don’t just rely on emails, but schedule meetings so that the human touch remains there.

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