#1 Obstacle Job Seekers Face

A study by LinkedIn (The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics) suggests that the #1 obstacle job seekers experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization (Page-5.)
This study also suggests that the company which provides credible information on what is it like to work with them, gains three times more trust from the candidates.

That’s why in order to provide potential candidates with all the necessary information regarding their job requirement and the work environment, the hiring company must address their concerns and attend to their pain points to increase their interest in the company.

The Remedy

The best way to entice the candidates is through video. When the founder or even a senior manager, talks to the potential candidates, and explains the company’s vision, mission, job perks etc. and why it’s so great to work in the said company, it gives the candidate a big push to leave aside the hesitancy.

Office Walk-Through

Also a walk-through of the office space and informal meetings with the existing employees plays magic in melting the ice. In this way the candidates get a sense of the personality and culture of the company. And they also get to know what their job workflow would be like on a daily basis after they are hired.

The Human Connection

Plus, the more human faces you connect your brand with, the better your chances to boost conversions.
Also this strategy should not stop at just hiring the candidates. The company environment has to be watered and nurtured each and every day like a tree, so that the leaves of that tree which are the employees work seamlessly to bear the fruits of the labor.

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