Who is a Manpower Recruiter?

A manpower recruiter, also known as a recruiting consultant, is the central component of a recruitment agency. He is in charge of balancing multiple responsibilities at the same time and ensuring that they all work well together.

The recruitment consultant’s main task is finding the right person for the right job in order to best satisfy both roles. This ensures that the candidate and employer are matched up well.

Responsibilities of a Manpower Recruiter

It’s the manpower recruiter who interacts directly with the company’s management and is expected to find a good candidate for any vacancy they post. It is also the consultant who has access to the database of candidates looking for work.

He builds strong relationships with companies in order to learn what they’re looking for in a candidate and make sure applicants are competitive, meeting their hiring goals and expectations.

As a senior recruiter, he manages the full recruiting lifecycle helping management find, hire and retain talented workers. He keeps in mind that it’s important to work closely with his recruitment team and senior managers. This way, they can come up with new and innovative ideas for hiring, as well as make sure that all the strategic objectives about recruitment are being met.

He stays up to date with the latest job boards, social networks and platforms to find the best talent, he plans, creates and releases all our job descriptions.

Manpower recruiters have to take care of many different tasks during the hiring process – promptly noting every instruction from the companies and identifying if the company can meet a candidate’s needs.

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