A Trend Apple Started

According to a 2019 survey around 50% of Apple’s US workforce of people who did not have a college degree. Apple was actually one of the first companies who realized that career readiness is not something which directly corresponds to a four-year college degree.

This trend set by Apple was caught up by tech giants like Google, Tesla, IBM etc.

Elon Musk on Hiring

At the Satellite 2020 conference Elon Musk said that you don’t need college to learn stuff. Everything is available basically for free. It’s not a question of learning… Colleges are basically for fun and choosing to do you chores, but they are not there for learning. Also Tesla recruiting does not have anything that requires University because that’s absurd. But there is a requirement of evidence of exceptional ability. I don’t don’t consider college to be an evidence of exceptional ability.

Musk also noted that billionaire moguls like Bill Gates and Oracle’s Larry Ellison dropped out of college.

The Vital Skills

Some of the vital skills which stand at par with the college degree by the level of importance are:

  • Practical knowledge in the required field.
  • Problem solving.
  • Ability to adopt change.
  • Team work.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.

Now the question is how to find the most suitable candidates for the particular job, who may not have the college but are better suited for that job as compared to a degree holder? Though more work is required in finding such candidates, but it is worth the hassle.

The Solution

Over the time we found that the best strategy to find such candidates is through a skill test.

This skill test is designed based upon the job requirements. Specialists from the relevant field are hired to design the test. The duration of the test is around 1-3 hours. We allow that much time because we want applicants to take enough time to sit down and prove to us if they’re good.

The Key Monitoring Features

These skill tests allow us and our principals to see applicants’ performances. In this way we both have a better picture of how well they completed any given task(s) and we evaluate their level of responsibility and seriousness. We also don’t evaluate skills but efficiency and responsibility as well. We determine these factors by monitoring:
The time each candidate took to complete the test.
The tasks they performed.
How strong was their performance?

After evaluating these points, we weed out the bad candidates and take the rest to the next step.

We have seen that the wrongly fitted candidates will give us any number of excuses and reasons why they can’t make it to the test. The best candidates are the ones who show more interest and agree to be interviewed on the date and time we asked.

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