Not all hiring agencies are created equal. The question is how can you distinguish great recruiters from the average ones. Here’s a checklist which may help you identify a great recruiter:


Before you hire a recruiting agency you must ascertain if they have the required intelligence to cope with your requirements. Every field requires a different skill-set. For e.g. recruiting for construction is very much different from financial industry. A recruiter should have the relevant talent and intelligence of the field you want to recruit from.

The Recruitment Process

You should have a detailed conversation with the recruiter to understand their recruiting process. You may also ask questions regarding their sourcing and screening processes, communication style and key recruitment KPIs.

The Experience

You must also confirm how much experience the recruiting firms holds. The older a recruiter is, the farther is its reach to the strongholds where the perfect candidate can be found.

The Track Record

You should also look for the recruiters past and existing clients, professional associations and the past track record.

The Attitude

A great recruiter has a great attitude and it is called “Positive.” A positive attitude will not only get you a good talent, it’s also a key to successful long-term partnership.

In short a great recruiter has the potential to help you grow your company beyond your wildest imagination.

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