Pakistan has a population of more than 202 million people and its economy grew by 5.7 percent in fiscal year 2018. HSBC in is recent report published in September 2018 has projected Pakistan to become the fourth fastest growing economy by 2030. As such Pakistan has got talent, lots of it.

Hiring R&D

If you’re a company looking forward to hire from Pakistan, you can either do the hiring R&D yourself or hire a Pakistani recruiter to help you with it. If you want to do the hiring through your own resources, the recruitment process can be incredibly time-consuming. You can better invest the time on developing your products or services instead of utilizing your HR department resources to recruitment.

Specialized Hiring

As IT has evolved so as the recruitment process. A while ago cold calling and newspaper ads were the main channels for the hiring process, but now hiring has become a very specialized field. Job Portals, Social Media promotions and searches, online tests and web interviews are the norm. As a recruiting agency collects more and more CVs through several different channels, it already has most of the required candidate information lying with it. And this information can get you access to more and much better candidates. By outsourcing your hiring to such an agency, you are in-fact able to get better talent in a relatively short amount of time.

Impersonal Judgments

At Kashmir Oveseas Employment Services candidates go through various levels of screening tests and interviews. Everything is conducted in an exceptionally impersonal manner and all the judgments are based purely on candidate’s skills and capabilities. And we do have a Job Portal.

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