Are you a Pakistani citizen looking for opportunities to gain valuable skills and work experience in Japan? There are several programs available that allow you to live, study, and work in Japan, including the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), the Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) program, and studying in Japan. Let’s compare these options to help you determine which path aligns best with your goals and circumstances.

Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)

The TITP is a work training program that allows Pakistani nationals to gain practical skills and work experience in Japan for up to 5 years. Key features of the TITP include:

  • Opportunity to work in 14 specified industries like construction, agriculture, food service, etc.
  • Attractive monthly salary of around 100,000 JPY (158,000 PKR)
  • Fully paid accommodation provided by employer
  • Exposure to Japanese work culture, advanced technologies, and innovative practices
  • Pathway to transition to SSW visa after completing 3 years


  • Gain valuable skills in cutting-edge Japanese industries
  • Earn an attractive salary and save money with paid accommodation
  • Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and learn the language
  • Possibility to extend stay in Japan by transitioning to SSW visa


  • Maximum duration limited to 5 years
  • Cannot bring family members to Japan
  • Job change generally not permitted except in special cases

Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program

The SSW program was introduced in 2019 to address labor shortages in Japan by accepting foreign workers with specific skills. There are two types of SSW visa:

SSW (i) visa:

  • For workers with considerable knowledge/experience in specified fields
  • Maximum stay of 5 years, no family members allowed

SSW (ii) visa:

  • For workers with more advanced skills in construction or shipbuilding
  • No limit on stay duration, can bring spouse and children


  • Opportunity for longer-term employment and residence in Japan
  • Allowed to change employers within the same field
  • SSW (ii) holders can bring family and potentially gain permanent residence


  • Requires passing skills exam and Japanese language test
  • Limited to 14 specified industries facing labor shortages
  • SSW (ii) currently only available for construction and shipbuilding

Study in Japan

Studying at a Japanese university or language school is another pathway to live and potentially work in Japan. Benefits include:

  • Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and society
  • Gain proficiency in Japanese languag
  • Possibility to work part-time while studying
  • Can apply for work visa in Japan after graduating

However, studying in Japan can be expensive when factoring in tuition, living costs, and no paid accommodation like the TITP provides. Working part-time may also distract from studies.

Which Path is Right for You?

We highly recommend considering the TITP if you want to gain practical work skills, earn an attractive salary, and experience life in Japan for up to 5 years. It’s an especially good fit if you don’t have a university degree. The TITP provides a unique opportunity to learn from Japan’s advanced industries, immerse yourself in the culture, and build valuable career experience with Japanese companies. With paid accommodation and an attractive salary, the TITP allows you to save money while developing new skills. After completing the TITP, you also have the option to transition to the SSW visa to extend your stay and work in Japan.

The SSW may be better if you have specialized skills, want to work in Japan longer-term, and potentially bring family. However, it has stricter requirements than the TITP.

Studying in Japan is ideal if your main goals are learning Japanese fluently and getting a Japanese university education, with the potential to work in Japan after graduating. However, the costs can be quite high compared to the TITP.

Ultimately, the best path depends on your skills, goals, family situation, and finances. If your priority is gaining practical work experience, cultural immersion, and attractive earning/saving potential, we believe the TITP is the optimal choice. Kashmir Overseas is here to guide you through the TITP process as a trusted sending organization. Contact us to learn more and start your TITP journey to Japan!